Temporary restorations for veneers

You have just had some teeth prepared for porcelain veneers. The teeth have received plastic temporary restorations to allow you to carry on your life in a normal manner while teh new veneers are made. The following information will help you go through these few days easily:

  1. Temporary veneers do not necessarily resemble the final ones in any way.
  2. Temporary veneers are attached only slightly to the underlying teeth so they can be removed easily. Be careful to eat only on teeth without temporary veneers on them
  3. If a temporary veneer comes off, call us and we will replace it immediately. If you are in a situation that will not allow you to come in, go to a pharmacy and buy some FIXODENT (denture adhesive) and place the veneer back in place. You must still see us as soon as possible
  4. Prepared teeth may be sensitive to hot, cold and sweets. Do not worry, the final ones will not have these sensations
  5. Your gums will be slightly irritated for a few days. Avoid heavy brushing of the temporary veneers. Do not floss between the temporary veneers because you may pull them off.
  6. Your final porcelain veneers will be as close to the natural beauty and function of teeth as possible. They look and feel normal in every way. We will have them for you in a few days.
  7. Use your prescription for Peridex mouth rinse as directed.